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Midsummer’s Eve at Alcossebre Sea Experience

The night of San Juan is one of the most important festivities of the summer and at Alcossebre Sea Experience we want you to experience it in an unforgettable way. Enjoy a magical night at sea, surrounded by friends and family in a unique experience.

At Alcossebre Sea Experience, we offer you the opportunity to experience the night of San Juan in the Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy the shortest night of the year while watching the fireworks on the beaches of Alcossebre.

The night of Sant Joann is a magical night full of tradition, and at Alcossebre Sea Experience we want you to experience it in a special way. That’s why we invite you to book at our aparthotel during these dates.

The Alcalà – Alcossebre town council offers, as every year, a series of activities related to this festivity. These include the parade of xaranga and stilt walkers from the town centre to the beach of Las Fuentes and the fireworks display at midnight on the 23rd.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the night of Sant Joan in a special way at Alcossebre Sea Experience.

*Once the city council publishes the poster with the events we will share it in this post.

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Typical bonfire on the night of San Juan, Alcossebre

Discover the traditions and festivals of Alcossebre

Cultural Experience

If you are looking for a holiday full of culture and tradition, Alcossebre is the perfect destination. There are numerous traditions and festivals in Alcossebre throughout the year that will transport you to the true essence of the Valencian Community.

From Alcossebre Sea Experience, we invite you to discover the most important fiestas and traditions of Alcossebre and to experience them first hand.

January: Foguera de Sant Antoni in Alcossebre

During this festivity, bonfires are lit in the town centre, specifically in front of the Alcossebre medical centre. In addition, popular paellas are enjoyed with musical performances to liven up the atmosphere.

February: Carnival

Carnival is considered, for the youngest, as one of the biggest festivities in Alcossebre. It is a very lively and colourful festival of the year.

The Alcossebre Carnival is dominated by parades: on Friday morning there is a school parade; and at night there is “La Noche del Pijama” with a small parade and a big party in the Espai d’Oci de Alcossebre with the performance of a musical group followed by DJs. The main event takes place on Saturday, during the afternoon there is a children’s parade with churros and free chocolate for everyone and, at night, the Gran Desfile de Colles is celebrated with handmade costumes and ends with a big party in the Espai d’Oci with the performance of an orchestra. Don’t miss the opportunity to live an authentic Carnival party in Alcossebre!

April: Easter

During Easter, Alcossebre fills up with tourists from all over Spain to enjoy a few days of sun and beach. It is common to eat Easter cake on the town’s beaches or in a cove in the Serra d’Irta after hiking. Discover the map of coves in the Serra d’Irta here.

On the other hand, if during your holidays you would like to attend religious and cultural events, we suggest you go to the neighbouring town of Acalà de Xivert where you can find processions, masses and dramatised acts of the Passion.

May: San Isidro and the Festa de la Mare de Déu dels Desamparats in Alcalà

In May, the festival of San Isidro, patron saint of farmers and farm workers, is celebrated. In Alcalà de Xivert, this festivity is celebrated with processions and a blessing of the fields. In addition, the Festa de la Mare de Déu dels Desamparats is celebrated, a religious festival in which homage is paid to the Virgin Mary.

June: Festivity of Sant Benet and Saint John’s Eve

In June, the festivity of Sant Benet, patron saint of the hermitage of Santa Lucia, is celebrated. This festivity is celebrated with a series of cultural and religious activities at the hermitage where homage is paid to the patron saint.

In addition, on 23 June, the Noche de San Juan is celebrated, a festival in which bonfires are lit, parades with music are held and fireworks are set off at midnight. For more information about this activity we suggest you read this blog entry.

July: Feast of Sant Antoni in Capicorb

In the month of July, the festival of Sant Antoni is celebrated in Capicorb, a small hamlet located in the Sierra de Irta. During this festivity, different cultural and religious activities are held in honour of the patron saint.

August: Patron saint festivities in honour of the patron saint in Alcalá de Xivert

In August, the Fiestas Patronales in honour of San Juan Bautista are held in Alcalà de Xivert. During these festivities, the town is filled with music, dances, firework displays, activities for children and adults, competitions and much more.

September: Patron saint’s festivities and Harley and Custom meeting.

In September, the Harley and Custom Meeting takes place in Alcossebre. This event brings together hundreds of motorcyclists from all over the world to enjoy shows, competitions, live music and other activities related to the world of motorbikes.

Also in September, the Fiestas Patronales de Alcossebre are held where bullfighting events are held in a square in the middle of the seafront promenade of Alcossebre. Here you can find different marquees where it is possible to have drinks and food. During all the afternoons and evenings of the week-long festival there are concerts by musical groups and DJs. For more information we suggest you to download the Fiestas Programme (valid for download mid August).

October: Penjar Tomato Fair

In October, the Penjar Tomato Fair takes place in Alcalà de Xivert. During this fair, this type of tomato, native to the Baix Maestrat region, is promoted and sold. There are also tastings, competitions, workshops and other activities related to gastronomy.

Also in October, the Fiestas de Santa Teresa are held in Alcalà de Xivert, in honour of the patron saint of the town. During these festivities, there are processions, activities for children and adults, and live music.

December: Feast of Saint Lucia

Finally, in December, the Fiesta de Santa Lucia is celebrated in Alcossebre, with a wide variety of activities for all the family, including processions, concerts and much more.

In addition, there is also a Christmas Fair, where you can find all kinds of typical Christmas products.

In conclusion, Alcossebre’s traditions and festivals are an important part of its cultural heritage and a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture during your holiday.

If you want more information about the festivities and traditions of Alcossebre we invite you to click here and discover the official agenda of Turismo Alcalà – Alcossebre with all the activities to do in Alcossebre during your holidays. Travelling with children in Alcossebre is now easier because

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy these unique festivities during your stay in Alcossebre and make sure you book your stay at our aparthotel for a complete and comfortable experience!

Enjoy Alcossebre at Easter

Plans to enjoy Easter

Easter Week is an ideal time to escape from routine and enjoy a well-deserved vacation on the beach. If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy Holy Week, Alcossebre is the perfect choice. Located in the province of Castellón, on the Costa del Azahar, Alcossebre offers a wide range of activities for all tastes.

The weather in Alcossebre during Holy Week is ideal for spending time outdoors. The temperatures are mild and pleasant, which allows you to enjoy the beach and the hotel pool without any inconvenience.

One of the most popular activities in Alcossebre during Holy Week is enjoying the beaches. Playa del Cargador (See Image 1), Playa Romana and Playa del Moro are some of the most popular beaches in Alcossebre. If you prefer a quieter environment, you can choose to go to the Serra d’Irta Natural Park to eat the mona in a paradisiacal cove.

Discover the best plans to spend Easter in Alcossebre. Don't miss anything! Rest is guaranteed.
Image 1. Carregador Beach

In addition to the beaches, Alcossebre has a wide range of active tourism. If you like hiking, you can explore the Serra d’Irta, which stretches for 15 km of coastline and has a wide variety of flora and fauna. If you prefer something more relaxed, you can do a bike route from our aparthotel to El Faro (See Image 2).

Image 2. The Alcossebre Lighthouse

If you are looking for cultural activities, you can visit the Xivert Castle, located on top of the mountain in the town of Alcalà de Xivert with panoramic views of the coast. The castle was built in the 13th century and is one of the main tourist attractions in the area.

Finally, if you are looking for religious activities typical of Holy Week, we suggest you visit the municipality of Alcalà de Xivert, 10 kilometers from Alcossebre. The Alcalà – Alcossebre town hall has prepared a series of events typical of these dates (See Image 3).

Image 3. Activities Easter Week 2023 Alcalà – Alcossebre.

In short, Alcossebre Sea Experience is the ideal destination to enjoy an Easter holiday on the beach, we have fully equipped apartments with a privileged location in front of the sea. In addition, Alcossebre is a perfect option for those looking to rest, have fun and discover new places with a wide range of activities to choose from, good weather and beautiful landscapes.

Do not miss it!

Discover the Alcossebre Activities Program

In Alcossebre, there is no shortage of things to do! The Alcalà – Alcossebre Town Hall has prepared an extensive 2024 Activities Program full of events throughout the year and for all ages. In this program, we can find everything from hiking activities in the Serra d’Irta to gastronomic events such as the “Fira de la Tomata de Penjar”; there is always something exciting happening here. If you plan to visit Alcossebre in 2024, be sure to check the town hall’s tourist program so you don’t miss anything.

At Alcossebre Sea Experience, we offer the perfect accommodation for your holiday getaway. Our establishment is located right by El Carregador beach, so you’ll have the Mediterranean Sea at your doorstep. Additionally, our facilities include various pools (outdoor, heated, and infinity), a sky bar, gym, and a spa. In summary, our aparthotel has everything you need for an unforgettable stay.

Whether you prefer to relax by the pool or immerse yourself in the excitement of the activities programmed by the Town Hall, at Alcossebre Sea Experience we will help you make the most of your vacation. Our staff is highly trained to provide you with information about all the activities available in the municipality, as well as to make suggestions on how to spend your time in Alcossebre.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience everything that Alcossebre has to offer. Download the Town Hall’s Activities Program and book your stay at Alcossebre Sea Experience for an unforgettable holiday experience

Cover of the Alcalà – Alcossebre 2024 Activities Program

What to do in Alcossebre?

couple on jet ski
What to do in Alcossebre

The Costa Azahar named in this way due to the orange blossom, whose fruit is a crop par excellence in the province, is made up of 120km of beaches and coves. Alcossebre is an ideal place within this beautiful coast to spend your holidays and enjoy: either alone, with your partner, friends or family.

There are many things to do in Alcossebre that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience:

Nautical Activities:

Since Alcossebre is located a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, activities related to the aquatic environment are the focus of attention.

One of the favorite activities to do on the coast of Alcossebre is renting jet skis or boats, specifically at the Las Fuentes Marina. The company Náutica Alessmar is in charge of guaranteeing a safe and adrenaline-filled activity. Telephone:+34 964412243 or +34 964412243

In the same Marina you can do activities such as Flyboard; a hoverboard that allows you to fly and slide through the water, practice Banana Boat or even rent Quads and Buggys. The Buggy Monstre company located in the Marina offers a Quad rental service and related activities. Telephone:+34627204217

The Columbretes Islands, an archipelago famous for being a marine reserve of volcanic origin in the Mediterranean Sea, is located 65km from Alcossebre. In this wonderful natural park you can snorkel to glimpse the fauna and flora of the islands or simply take a boat ride near the impressive crest of the island. The Barracuda Underwater Activities company is one of the candidates to make this experience an unforgettable day. Telephone: +34964 41 26 23

Y si lo que esta buscando es un chárter privado de recreo o de pesca podrá realizarlo con Ayl Top Charter. Podrán elegir entre diferentes salidas de pesca desde 3 horas hasta el día completo. También podrán ir a visitar columbretes de una forma mas privada al poder alquilar la embarcación entera. Teléfono: +34642 827 336

Diving in Columbretes Islands
Diving in Columbretes Islands

También se puede disfrutar de la actividad de Vela con el mismo Club de Vela de Alcossebre situado en la Playa del Cargador, a escasos metros de Sea Experience.

Enjoy the beaches and coves of Sierra de Irta.

One of the best things to do in Alcossebre is to enjoy the many Blue Flag beaches where you can relax and sunbathe or practice Paddle Surfing or Kayaking. In the following link you can access the map of Alcossebre Beaches but if you are interested in enjoying the tranquility of intimate coves, we have made available to customers of the hotel Alcossebre Sea Experience a complete map of the coves of Alcossebre.  

Bike Routes

The Sierra de Irta Natural Park where the sea and the mountains meet or the Prat de Cabanes Natural Park are two exceptional places for cycling.

Cycling and Hiking Serra Irta Torre Badum

Segway Tours

A Segway tour is an exciting fun way to get to know Alcossebre. Discover the beauty of the coast and places of interest such as: The Sierra de Irta, Disco Túnel…. This is an excellent option on what to do during your stay in Alcossebre

More information on Segway Alcossebre Telf .: +34 675.35.58.35

Hiking through the Sierra de Irta Natural Park

Hiking in the Sierra de Irta is one of the best ways to enjoy the Sierra de Irta natural park, which in springtime is filled with such beautiful flowers, like this one

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Running in Alcossebre

Running lovers have more than 80 km of roads and trails where they can run surrounded by nature in its purest state and accompanied by the sea and the mountains.

Discover the beauty of the coast and places of interest such as: The Sierra de Irta, Disco Túnel…. This is an excellent option on what to do during your stay in Alcossebre

Experiences in Castellón

Excursions and visits, for everyone, adapted to people with functional diversity. Enjoy without limits or barriers, together with your family and friends, an unforgettable day. In August you can enjoy the Perseids in our Sky Bar. Check exclusive dates and rates for hotel guests

The price of each activity includes a percentage that we allocate to an Association or Foundation. In this way we contribute our grain of sand in the investigation of the disease and the improvement of the quality of life of patients and relatives. You decide which one. Make your reservation!

family on the terrace watching stars

Activity in Alcossebre Sea Experience: The planets with the 5 senses

What to do in Alcossebre in winter

In winter, the tourist attractions of the Sierra de Irta Natural Park as well as the Prat de Cabanes Natural Park gain even more strength, where we can enjoy hiking, trekking, running and cycle routes, MTB tourism.

A highly recommended activity is to go up to Santa Lucía located 312 meters above sea level. From the hermitage, on clear days, the Columbretes Islands, Oropesa, El Prat de Cabanes, Peñagolosa and the Chivert Castle can be seen. Santa Lucía can be reached by car along the pine forest road or on foot along the path that starts from the fountains road next to the Serra D’Irta restaurant.

Recently, excavations have been carried out around the hermitage, finding remains from the Bronze Age and the Islamic period. The current hermitage dates from the 17th century

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