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The Gourmet Products of Castellón

The Gourmet Products of Castellón can be discovered through a culinary journey that will immerse you in the authenticity of our region. Stay at Alcossebre Sea Experience and you can combine a wonderful stay in a luxury beachfront apartment with a magnificent tour among vineyards, cheese and wine tastings.

The province of Castellón offers a unique environment and an abundant variety of high-quality local products, such as truffles, olive oil, wines, cheeses, and seafood from the Mediterranean.

These ingredients are the heart of our gastronomic tours, inviting travelers to delve into the cultural richness of our towns, discover their culinary heritage, and delight in the authentic flavors of the region.

The proximity between the coast and the interior of the province offers us a unique landscape diversity, reflected in a cuisine that ranges from sea products to those of the land.


Black Truffle is one of the most highly valued fungi, essential in the most select restaurants.

Truffles are produced in all the inland regions of Castellón, mainly in Els Ports, Alto Maestrazgo, and Alto Palancia.

Trufa Negra, Castellón


  • Truffle Hunter (Catí) – Enjoy the unforgettable experience of hunting summer truffles in the heart of Maestrazgo. Includes truffle hunting in plantation and thematic local gastronomic tasting.
  • Truffle Hunters (Puig de Vinaròs) – We will participate in the search for summer truffles, venture into the forest, and explore the secrets and varieties of the “fruits of the Devil” as well as their gastronomic applications. Includes guided tour of the scenarios, history, and characters that have marked the evolution of the spectacular Puig set.
  • Vilanosporum Experiences (Villafranca del Cid) – Truffle dog excursion, to search for truffles and learn all about truffles, both traditions and nature. We will accompany this excursion with a lunch and meal with 0 kilometer products.


  • Black Truffle Market (Culla) – Held every Sunday from early December to mid-February.
Cartel Trufa Negra Culla 2024
  • Mostra de la Trufa Negra de l’Alt Maestrat – held annually in a different municipality of the region, at the most intense moment of the black truffle season and when they have their greatest aromatic and flavor properties. (February)
  • Truffle and Cheese Fair (Morella) – highlighting the most emblematic local products of the region.
  • Feria Internacional de la Trufa 2025 (El Toro)


  • El Mesón el Pastor (Morella) – Black Truffle Tasting Menu
  • L’Escudella Restaurant (Villafranca del Cid) – Truffle Menu
Example of Black Truffle Tasting Menu (El Mesón el Pastor)


The cheeses of the province of Castellón are a fundamental part of its rich gastronomic tradition.

In the hills and valleys of the province of Castellón, especially in its most rural areas, there are abundant herds of local sheep and goats that feed on top-quality pastures. This results in exceptional milk that is the raw material for the production of distinctive cheeses such as Tronchón, Cassoleta, Blanquet, de la Nuncia, and de Servilleta. These cheeses are highly recognized nationally and internationally, having received numerous awards thanks to the work of artisans and small local businesses.

Qheeses de Catí, Castellón


  • La Planeta (Xert) – Visit to the farm/cheese factory and tasting of artisan cheeses.  
  • Pastor de Morella (Morella) – Guided tour of the artisan cheese factory and cheese tasting.
  • Tot de Poble (Les Coves de Vinromá) – Visit to the cheese factory and cheese tasting.
  • Cabritillo del Maestrazgo (La Torre d’En Besora) – Different types of tastings.
Cata de Quesos de Castellón


  • Artisan Cheese Fair (Montanejos) – Held in September.
  • Truffle and Cheese Fair (Morella) – Highlighting the most emblematic local products of the region. (Held between November and December)
  • Artisan Cheese Fair of Catí (Catí) – Where you can taste a wide variety of artisan cheeses and learn about traditional production processes. (Usually held between May and July)
  • Gastronomic Fair of Olocau del Rey (Olocau del Rey) – Offers a wide range of gastronomic products from the region, including cheeses. (Usually held between April and June)
Cheese Fair Stand, Montanejos


Wines from the province of Castellón are known for their diversity and uniqueness, offering a wide range of styles ranging from powerful and structured reds to fresh and fruity whites, as well as light and vibrant rosés.

The province of Castellón boasts a number of native grape varieties that have been cultivated for centuries in the region, contributing to the diversity and uniqueness of local wines. Among the most prominent indigenous varieties are Macabeo, Embolicaire, and Monastrell, which enhance the personality of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Syrah.

Castellón Wines are protected under the “Vinos de Castellón” IGP (Protected Geographical Indication).

Castellón Wines


Visitors have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the wine production process, explore vineyards, and taste a wide variety of local wines.

  • Mas de Rander Winery (Vilanova) – Vineyard tour, cellar visit, and guided tasting of 4 wines, with an option to add one more wine and a guided tasting of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They also offer a 4-hour tasting course.
  • Magnanimvs Rural House (Vilafamés) – Winery visit with tasting.
  • Barón d’Alba Winery (Les Useres) – Vineyard tour, barrel room visit, tasting room, wine tasting, appetizers with local products, and countryside meal.
  • Besalduch Valls i Bellmunt Wineries (Sant Mateu) – Tasting with pairing from appetizers to desserts, meal with free wine and sparkling wine tasting, museum visit, private club, and underground cellars.
  • Flors Winery (Les Useres) – Stargazing wine tasting.
Bodega Flors
Bodega Mas de Rander


  • Wine Fair (Les Useres) – The fair promotes wines from the municipality, featuring tastings and exhibitions. It takes place between April and June.
  • San Andrés Fair (Cabanes) – Where you can taste wines from some of the province’s wineries, along with multiple activities. It is held at the end of November.
  • La Tasca del Ví (Cabanes) – This takes place during the San Andrés Fair celebration.
  • Beer and Wine Fair (Vila-real) – Fair including a selection of local wines along with craft beers. It is held between May and July.
  • Wine Fair (Canet lo Roig) – Where you can taste local wines and participate in activities related to viticulture and oenology. It usually takes place between July and September.
  • Wine Fair (Oropesa del Mar) – Includes tastings, guided tastings, and other activities related to the world of wine. It is usually held between July and August.
  • Truffle Fair (Morella) – In addition to truffles, this fair also highlights local wines, offering visitors the opportunity to taste wines from the region. It usually takes place between November and December.
  • Gastronomic Fair of Castellón (Castellón de la Plana) – Although not exclusively focused on wine, this fair usually includes the participation of local wineries and the promotion of wines from the province. It takes place between April and June.
  • Tapas and Wine Route (Almazora) – Takes place in March.
  • Wine and Local Products Show (Benlloc) – Takes place in March.
Feria del Vino 2023 , Les Useres


  • L’Illa Restaurant Grill (Alcossebre) – Castelló flavor route menu accompanied by Benassal water and Castelló IGP wine.
L’Illa Restaurante Asador, Alcossebre
  • Atalaya (Alcossebre) – Menú Goleta con Opción de Maridaje.
Bodega Atalaya
Platos Menú Goleta


The olive oil from the province of Castellón is highly appreciated for its quality and distinctive flavor.

In the Baix Maestrat region, you will find the largest concentration of ancient olive trees in the world, with some specimens that have exceeded 2,000 years of age.

Cultivation and production methods in Castellón are usually traditional and environmentally friendly, which contributes to the quality and purity of the extra virgin olive oil produced in the region. Due to its native olive varieties and cultivation methods, this Olive Oil is characterized by its fruity and balanced flavor, with herbal notes and a slight spiciness on the finish, making it ideal for use raw.

Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra, Castellón

Visitors can enjoy hiking or cycling routes among these ancient olive trees. The rich legacy of the olive groves of Castellón not only allows us to explore their biological diversity and historical past, but also to learn about the production process of exceptional extra virgin olive oils.


  • Finca Bardomus (Alcalà de Xivert) – A walk among the olive fields of Finca Bardomus, in the heart of the Serra d’Irta Natural Park. Discover how the 3 varieties of oil produced in Castellón are produced. Lunch in the hills and oil tasting.
Finca Bardomus, Alcalà de Xivert
  • Bodega Mas de Rander (Vilanova) – Commented tasting of Extra Virgin Olive Oil accompanied by a visit to vineyards, winery, and wine tasting. With another option to visit the centenary olive trees, tasting of extra virgin olive oil accompanied by local sausages and cheeses, and wine tasting with a visit to their vineyards and wineries.
  • Molí de l’Oli (Cervera del Maestre) – Interpretation center
Molí de l’Oli, Cervera del Maestre
  • <strong>Oil interpretation center</strong> (Sant Mateu)
  • <strong>Oil Museum </strong>(Segorbe)
  • <strong>Route of the Millennial Olive Trees</strong>
  • <strong>Natural museum of ancient olive trees</strong> (La Jana)


  • Oil Fair (Viver) – This fair is held in early June.
  • Olive Oil Fair in Onda (Onda) – The fair usually includes tastings, culinary demonstrations, and activities related to the world of olive oil. It takes place between May and June.
  • Truffle and Olive Oil Fair (Morella) – The fair usually includes tastings, conferences, and activities related to local gastronomy. It usually takes place between November and December.
  • Castellón Gastronomic Fair (Castellón de la Plana) – Although not exclusively focused on olive oil, the Castellón Gastronomic Fair usually includes the participation of local producers of extra virgin olive oil. It takes place between April and June.
  • Oro de la Sierra de Espadán Oil Fair (Higueras) – It takes place in August.
  • Oil Fair (Canet lo Roig) – It takes place on the second weekend of June.
Extracción de Aceite en Viver
Newly harvested oil


The hanging tomato, also known as the bouquet tomato, is a native variety of the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, and the Valencian Community in Spain. It is called so because they used to be hung in bunches to keep them fresh during the autumn after the summer season.

Tomata de Penjar, Alcalà de Xivert

It stands out for its long shelf life due to a gene that delays its rotting, and its size influences its durability.

In Alcalá de Xivert, a town rooted in the tradition of growing and drying hanging tomatoes, this practice continues to this day. In addition, the town goes one step further by organizing an annual fair that is gaining recognition and relevance.


  • The Hanging Tomato Fair (Alcalá de Xivert) – It is held annually in October, consisting of workshops, exhibitions, showcookings, beer tastings, live dance performances, music groups, and open days at its Bell Tower (the tallest in the province of Castellón).
Hanging Tomato Fair, Alcalà de Xivert
  • Citrus Fair (Vila-real) – It takes place in March, where products such as oranges, Salsadella cherries, olive oil, honey, and hanging tomatoes are found.


Artichoke cultivation is deeply rooted in the region, especially in Benicarló, whose municipal coat of arms displays a thistle, alluding to Berenguer de Cardona, the master of the Templar Order in the 14th century.

The Benicarló artichoke is distinguished by its flat and compact shape, as well as its characteristic dimple. It is marketed with the emblem of the Regulatory Council of the Protected esignation of Origin Benicarló Artichoke, reserving this designation for Extra and First-class artichokes.

Benicarló Artichoke


  • Artichoke and Orange Gastronomic Days (Torreblanca) – December
  • Benicarló Artichoke Festival (Benicarló) – January – March
  • Pincho Days and Artichoke Gastronomic Days (Benicarló) – January and February – March
Benicarló Artichoke Festival
Artichoke and Orange Gastronomic Days


The Vinaroz prawn, an emblematic culinary product of the city, is distinguished by its quality and unique flavor, thanks to the characteristics of the coastal waters and the mild climate of the region. The city promotes its gastronomy through the National Contest of Cooking Applied to the Prawn, seeking to increase its recognition nationally and establish itself as a gastronomic tourist destination.

Vinaroz prawn
Vinaroz prawn


  • Vinaroz Prawn Gastronomy Festival (Vinaroz) – May
  • Prawn Cooking Days (Vinaroz) – May – June
  • Fisherman’s Stew Cooking Days (Vinaroz) – September – October
  • Galera (mantis shrimp) Cooking Days (Vinaroz) – March
  • Octopus from the Fish Market Gastronomic Days (Peñíscola) – October
  • Caduf Octopus and Fish from the Fish Market Gastronomic Days (Benicarló) – September
  • Galera (mantis shrimp) Gastronomic Days (Castellón de la Plana) – January – March
  • Octopus and Cuttlefish Gastronomic Days (Castellón de la Plana) – May – June
  • From Sea to Table Days (Oropesa del Mar) – June


Restaurants awarded with a Michelin star are internationally recognized for their culinary excellence, impeccable service, and unique gastronomic experience. Obtaining a Michelin star is a prestigious achievement indicating that the restaurant has reached the highest standards in terms of quality, creativity, and consistency in its cuisine. The Michelin-starred restaurants in the province of Castellón are:

  • Atalaya (Alcossebre) – 1 star
  • Raúl Resino (Benicarló) – 1 star
  • Cal Pardís (Vall d’Alba) – 1 star
  • Les Moles (Ulldecona) – 1 star
  • L’Antic Molí (Ulldecona) – 1 star
Raúl Resino, Benicarló
Cal Pardís
Les Moles


Restaurants in the province of Castellón that are part of the “Castelló Flavor Route” offer a specific Tasting Menu with products from the region. Some of these include:

Castelló Ruta de Sabor
  • El Mesón el Pastor (Morella) – Menú del Mesón
  • Restaurante L’Escudella (Villafranca del Cid)  – Menú Tradición
  • L’Illa Restaurante Asador (Alcossebre) – Menú Castelló ruta de Sabor
  • Atalaya (Alcossebre) – Menú Goleta con Opción de Maridaje.
  • Restaurante Serra D’Irta (Alcossebre) – Menú Castelló Ruta de Sabor
  • Restaurante Casa Jaime (Peñíscola) – Menú Castelló Ruta de Sabor


Other dishes and gourmet products from Castellón include:


The province of Castellón has several sources of natural mineral water, some of which are known for their quality and unique properties.

  • Aigua de Benassal
  • Font de Catí
  • Font de la Salut
  • Font de Quart


  • Hazelnut Month (Benassal) – October
  • Almond Fair (Albocàsser) – October
  • Almond Fair (Benafer) – August
  • Gastronomic Days of Oil and Nuts (Various municipalities of the Alto Maestrazgo) – November – December


  • Ham and Artisan Cold Cuts Fair (Segorbe) – September


  • Gastronomic Fair and Gastronomic Days of Alcossebre (Alcossebre) – May
  • Segorbina Pot Cooking Days (Segorbe) – January
  • Gastronomic Days of Alto Palencia (Various municipalities of Alto Palencia) – February – March
  • Snail Gastronomic Route (Alcora) – August
  • Paella Day (Benicassim) – January
  • Apassiona’t per Torreblanca Gastronomic Days (Torreblanca) – April
  • Rice and Orange Gastronomic Days (Castellón de la Plana) – April – May
  • POP Days, Stews and Soups (Castellón de la Plana) – November
  • Rice Band Gastronomic Days (Castellón de la Plana) – December
  • Rice and Sea Gastronomic Days (Peñíscola) – May – June
  • Rice Cooking Days (Vinaroz) – November – December
  • Traditional Cuisine Gastronomic Days of Peñíscola (Peñíscola) – December


  • Tapas Route and XIBBERT Craft Beer Fair (Alcalá de Xivert – Alcossebre) – August
  • Tapas and Wine Route (Almazora) – March
  • Castelló Flavors – Local Gastronomy Tapas Route (Castellón de la Plana) – Several editions throughout the year.
  • Tapas Route (Vila-real) – September – October
  • Tapas Route (Onda) – November
  • Canet Tapas Gastronomic Days (Canet lo Roig) – June


  • Mushroom Gastronomic Exhibition (Segorbe) – November
  • Cooking Gastronomic Days with Carob (Cervera del Maestre) – June


  • Salsadella Cherry Fair (Salsadella) – May
  • Orange Fair (Castellón de la Plana) – Every Sunday from October to May
  • Citrus Fair (Vila-real) – March


Make the most of Castellón and its exquisite gourmet products by staying at Alcossebre Sea Experience, luxury apartments located on the beachfront in Alcossebre.

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Midsummer’s Eve at Alcossebre Sea Experience

The night of San Juan is one of the most important festivities of the summer and at Alcossebre Sea Experience we want you to experience it in an unforgettable way. Enjoy a magical night at sea, surrounded by friends and family in a unique experience.

At Alcossebre Sea Experience, we offer you the opportunity to experience the night of San Juan in the Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy the shortest night of the year while watching the fireworks on the beaches of Alcossebre.

The night of Sant Joann is a magical night full of tradition, and at Alcossebre Sea Experience we want you to experience it in a special way. That’s why we invite you to book at our aparthotel during these dates.

The Alcalà – Alcossebre town council offers, as every year, a series of activities related to this festivity. These include the parade of xaranga and stilt walkers from the town centre to the beach of Las Fuentes and the fireworks display at midnight on the 23rd.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the night of Sant Joan in a special way at Alcossebre Sea Experience.

*Once the city council publishes the poster with the events we will share it in this post.

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Typical bonfire on the night of San Juan, Alcossebre

Discover the traditions and festivals of Alcossebre

Cultural Experience

If you are looking for a holiday full of culture and tradition, Alcossebre is the perfect destination. There are numerous traditions and festivals in Alcossebre throughout the year that will transport you to the true essence of the Valencian Community.

From Alcossebre Sea Experience, we invite you to discover the most important fiestas and traditions of Alcossebre and to experience them first hand.

January: Foguera de Sant Antoni in Alcossebre

During this festivity, bonfires are lit in the town centre, specifically in front of the Alcossebre medical centre. In addition, popular paellas are enjoyed with musical performances to liven up the atmosphere.

February: Carnival

Carnival is considered, for the youngest, as one of the biggest festivities in Alcossebre. It is a very lively and colourful festival of the year.

The Alcossebre Carnival is dominated by parades: on Friday morning there is a school parade; and at night there is “La Noche del Pijama” with a small parade and a big party in the Espai d’Oci de Alcossebre with the performance of a musical group followed by DJs. The main event takes place on Saturday, during the afternoon there is a children’s parade with churros and free chocolate for everyone and, at night, the Gran Desfile de Colles is celebrated with handmade costumes and ends with a big party in the Espai d’Oci with the performance of an orchestra. Don’t miss the opportunity to live an authentic Carnival party in Alcossebre!

April: Easter

During Easter, Alcossebre fills up with tourists from all over Spain to enjoy a few days of sun and beach. It is common to eat Easter cake on the town’s beaches or in a cove in the Serra d’Irta after hiking. Discover the map of coves in the Serra d’Irta here.

On the other hand, if during your holidays you would like to attend religious and cultural events, we suggest you go to the neighbouring town of Acalà de Xivert where you can find processions, masses and dramatised acts of the Passion.

May: San Isidro and the Festa de la Mare de Déu dels Desamparats in Alcalà

In May, the festival of San Isidro, patron saint of farmers and farm workers, is celebrated. In Alcalà de Xivert, this festivity is celebrated with processions and a blessing of the fields. In addition, the Festa de la Mare de Déu dels Desamparats is celebrated, a religious festival in which homage is paid to the Virgin Mary.

June: Festivity of Sant Benet and Saint John’s Eve

In June, the festivity of Sant Benet, patron saint of the hermitage of Santa Lucia, is celebrated. This festivity is celebrated with a series of cultural and religious activities at the hermitage where homage is paid to the patron saint.

In addition, on 23 June, the Noche de San Juan is celebrated, a festival in which bonfires are lit, parades with music are held and fireworks are set off at midnight. For more information about this activity we suggest you read this blog entry.

July: Feast of Sant Antoni in Capicorb

In the month of July, the festival of Sant Antoni is celebrated in Capicorb, a small hamlet located in the Sierra de Irta. During this festivity, different cultural and religious activities are held in honour of the patron saint.

August: Patron saint festivities in honour of the patron saint in Alcalá de Xivert

In August, the Fiestas Patronales in honour of San Juan Bautista are held in Alcalà de Xivert. During these festivities, the town is filled with music, dances, firework displays, activities for children and adults, competitions and much more.

September: Patron saint’s festivities and Harley and Custom meeting.

In September, the Harley and Custom Meeting takes place in Alcossebre. This event brings together hundreds of motorcyclists from all over the world to enjoy shows, competitions, live music and other activities related to the world of motorbikes.

Also in September, the Fiestas Patronales de Alcossebre are held where bullfighting events are held in a square in the middle of the seafront promenade of Alcossebre. Here you can find different marquees where it is possible to have drinks and food. During all the afternoons and evenings of the week-long festival there are concerts by musical groups and DJs. For more information we suggest you to download the Fiestas Programme (valid for download mid August).

October: Penjar Tomato Fair

In October, the Penjar Tomato Fair takes place in Alcalà de Xivert. During this fair, this type of tomato, native to the Baix Maestrat region, is promoted and sold. There are also tastings, competitions, workshops and other activities related to gastronomy.

Also in October, the Fiestas de Santa Teresa are held in Alcalà de Xivert, in honour of the patron saint of the town. During these festivities, there are processions, activities for children and adults, and live music.

December: Feast of Saint Lucia

Finally, in December, the Fiesta de Santa Lucia is celebrated in Alcossebre, with a wide variety of activities for all the family, including processions, concerts and much more.

In addition, there is also a Christmas Fair, where you can find all kinds of typical Christmas products.

In conclusion, Alcossebre’s traditions and festivals are an important part of its cultural heritage and a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture during your holiday.

If you want more information about the festivities and traditions of Alcossebre we invite you to click here and discover the official agenda of Turismo Alcalà – Alcossebre with all the activities to do in Alcossebre during your holidays. Travelling with children in Alcossebre is now easier because

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy these unique festivities during your stay in Alcossebre and make sure you book your stay at our aparthotel for a complete and comfortable experience!

Alcossebre Yankee

Alcossebre Yankee was born in 2017 as a meeting point for lovers of classic American vehicles and Big Trucks. The event is held, as its name suggests, in Alcossebre. This small town on the Costa Azahar is charming due to its size, its people and mainly because it is an excellent place to relax and spend a vacation. If we put together the mentioned elements with trucks, historic cars and American motorcycles in the same equation; It results in an event not to be missed!

Fifth edition of Alcossebre Yankee 2022

The sixth edition of Alcossebre Yankee takes place from September 30 to October 2 in Alcossebre, a coastal town on the Costa Azahar! Over the years it has become one of the great American automotive events, it comes to Alcossebre for the fifth time with Yeye Bikers and promises as much or more than in previous years. Here is the program for the most anticipated automotive event of the fall:

Organization contact for registration: Direct. Justice

Tel. 607583010 E-Mail justigalas@live.com

Fifth edition of Alcossebre Yankee 2021

The fifth edition of Alcossebre Yankee returns on October 1, 2 and 3 on the Costa Azahar! One of the BIGGEST events related to the world of American motorsport comes to Alcossebre for the fifth time and promises as much or more than in previous years. Here is the program for the most anticipated automotive event of the fall:

Registration for the event will take place on Friday, October 1st from 6:00 p.m. From this moment the engines and the smell of fuel will not stop. This day brings together historic cars, muscle cars, American motorcycles and huge trucks which together provide an incredible visual spectacle wherever they go.

The Alcossebre Yankee event continues Saturday, October 2 with a show of extreme force at 11:00 a.m. We hope the event will make the attendees scream with hunger because at 2:00 p.m. the members of Custom Maestrat will perform a monumental paella for all attendees. That same day at 4:30 p.m. there will be a surprise tourist route along the Costa Azahar that we are sure will not leave anyone indifferent.

All good things come to an end at some point, on Sunday October 3 we will say goodbye to the event with a route to Alcalà de Xivert accompanied by a tasting of typical dishes made with local products. The route will last until 1:00 p.m., when we will return to Alcossebre to say goodbye.


Fourth edition of Alcossebre Yankee 2020

The fourth edition of the 2020 concentration was scheduled for April 2 to 5 For reasons beyond the control of the organization, it has been postponed for later.

One of the largest Events related to the world of American motorsports has been held in Alcossebre for four seasons.

In this historical cars, muscle cars, American motorcycles and the huge Trucks, American trucks come together.

The event offers guided tours of the town with excellent views, a very complete gastronomic offer as well as Rock and Roll concerts. The American Market gains strength year after year and in it you can buy everything imaginable.

Alcossebre Yankee 2020
2020 meeting poster

Third edition of Alcossebre Yankee 2019

Alcossebre Yankee 2019 poster
2019 event poster

The third edition of the meeting dedicated to classic American cars and large trucks was held from April 12 to 14, 2019. In this edition, a monumental paella, tasting of local products and live music was held. The following organizations were present:

Custom Maestrat Alcalá

Spanish American Trucks Association

Club Mustang Levante

Club Corvette Razing España

Club Friends of the Mustang

V8 Classic Trucks

Gas Monkey Roses

Yeye Bikers M. G.

Rancheros M.G.

Alcossebre Yankee Program 2019
2019 Edition Program

Second edition of Alcossebre Yankee 2018

Poster Concentration 2018
First edition of Alcossebre Yankee 2017

The 1st edition of the event was held on February 10, 11 and 12 in Alcossebre. With the participation of several American car clubs from all over Spain and it was a successful participation.

Below you can see the summary video of the first edition.

1ª Edición Alcossebre Yankee 2017 from Ajuntament Alcalà Alcossebre on Vimeo.

Discover the Alcossebre beaches in the following link.

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