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15€ / noche 28 Noches

The Generalitat Valenciana has launched a Valencian Community travel voucher with a discount of 60% up to €600 for anyone registered in the Valencian Community.

Take advantage of the travel voucher to travel cheap to Alcossebre Sea Experience.

Travel Voucher Alcossebre-Sea-Experience-4-Stars-Apartment-2-bedrooms-Family-Front-View-Sea-Bedroom-Views

Help with the Valencian Community Travel Voucher

Do you want us to process your travel voucher? Call us at 964 414 437 or write us by WhatsApp at 671941527 and we will take care of everything. You can send us an email to reservas@alcossebresea.com with the prior appointment, the registration certificate and the Representation Grant Form that can be downloaded at the following link.

Remember that on Monday, December 20, the deadline to request prior appointments opens and the order of request for prior appointments will be the one that determines the allocation of bonuses.

In order to enjoy the 60% discount in our establishment, the voucher must first be processed and for this it is necessary to request a prior appointment from Monday, December 20, 2021 (no electronic signature necessary) on the following website:

Call us at 964 414 437 or write to us by WhatsApp at 671941527 for more information and reservations for the Valencian Community travel voucher

Consult what to do in Alcossebre:

What does the bonoviaje cover?

This travel voucher constitutes the ideal opportunity to discover Alcossebre with an unbeatable offer.

The Voucher Covers accommodation

Services such as parking,

Health and wellness services such as Spa. Massages and Treatments. Parking in the garage, Balinese beds, etc. Subsidizes 50% of the cost of the stay up to a maximum of €400 for stays between 2 and 4 nights. And a maximum of 60% discount on our prices with a maximum of €600 for stays of 5 nights or more.

Where to request the appointment? of the Travel Bonus?

Do you want us to request an appointment? send us an email

The prior appointment request for the assignment of the shift of the Valencian community travel voucher must be made on the web https://bonoviajecv22.gva.es/

How to request registration in bonoviaje?

To enroll in the travel voucher program, a registration certificate and an electronic certificate are necessary, as well as having the e-mail of the prior appointment.

Upon enrollment in the program, documentation will be reviewed and a position on the Promo Code waiting list will be assigned. With the code you can make a reservation at the Hotel Alcossebre Sea Experience and receive confirmation of the aid and with it the Bonus that authorizes you to make use of the tourist services subsidized by the Program.

How to process the Voucher?

Promotional codes will be assigned from January 10. It will be done successively in each period of use depending on the availability of budgets, so it may be received later.

Once the code is received, the reservation must be made within 10 business days and do so to enjoy the discounted tourist services within the same period of use in which the Code has been received.

THE best Cove of Sierra de Irta in Alcossebre
THE best Cove of Sierra de Irta in Alcossebre

Do not wait any longer and call us to make your reservation.

At this time Alcocebre becomes charming and the tranquility that can be breathed in Sierra de Irta is incomparable.

Alcossebre Sea Experience is part of the Hotels included in the Generalitat Valencia GVA voucher. It is the best hotel by traveler rating on Tripadvisor, Google and Booking among the Hotels that accept Voucher Travel in Castellón.

Alcossebre Sea Experience is part of the Valencian Community travel voucher hotels list.

This aparthotel is on the list of establishments that accept the Valencian Community Travel Voucher. It was one of the first hotels to join the program.

The information related to the Valencian Community Travel Voucher has been extracted from the Valencian Community Travel Voucher document that can be consulted at the following link: https://bonoviajecv22.gva.es/_fichero.aspx?docs/Instrucci%C3% B3n%20Decree%20BONO%20VIAJECV.pdf_signed.pdf