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Alcossebre beaches, the best

With more than 10 km of coastline, Alcossebre has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean for its beauty, fine sand and tranquility. If you want to know which are the best beaches in Alcossebre, you just have to keep reading

Beach el Cargador Alcossebre-Alcocebre-Alcoceber

Beaches of Alcossebre, Playa del Cargador

It is a beach endowed with the Blue Flag. Among the beaches of Alcossebre it is the longest beach with 900 meters in length and in the centre of Alcocebre, it is Playa del Cargador. It borders in the north with the centre of Alcoceber where the tourist office is located and in the south with the dune complex of the tip of el Cargador of high ecological value for its marine lilies that grow everywhere in the dunes.

It is in the southern area of the beach of el Cargador where the Aparthotel Alcossebre sea Experience is located, where the beach has its greatest width with 90 meters and more sand with the proximity of the dunes.

250 meters from the Aparthotel we find the sailing club of Alcossebre. Sailing school where you can get started in dinghy sailing. The sailing school offers one-week courses, one-day sailing baptisms, participation in its regattas or crossings, and enjoyment of its open days.

On the beach in front of the Alcossebre Sea Experience Apartments there is a hammock stand with awnings and a play area. For the children it offers the great pyramid of ropes and several swings everything necessary to enjoy the fine  sand beach.  

El Cargador beach is an accessible beach equipped with the necessary services for people with reduced mobility as well as lifeguards, showers and footbaths, walkways, toilets, wastebaskets and playgrounds for children.

Beach of Las Fuentes Alcossebre-Alcocebre-Alcoceber

Beach of Las Fuentes in Alcoceber

The most northern beach of Alcoceber is Playa de Las Fuentes with 350 meters of coastline. Located next to the Las Fuentes marina is a beach that, living up to its name is full of natural fresh water sources that make this beach a unique place with the shortest rivers in the world. The water from these springs comes from an aquifer that comes from places as distant as Morella located more than 80 km away and more than 1200 meters high. The Aquifer rises to the sea through the castle of Peñiscola, Badúm tower and the Playa de las Fuentes.

It is the ideal place for children and family to play in the sand with the  springs. On this beach we find the “Chiringuito de las Fuentes” and the “Náutico”, both located on the beach, which are the ideal place to take refuge from the  summer sun and have a drink or a meal on the beach.

Equipped with a multitude of services: lifeguard, toilets, showers and footbaths, children’s and sports areas, walkways, litter bins by the shore, skate rental, shades on the coast and hammocks,

Beach of Romana Alcossebre-Alcoceber-Alcocebre

Beach Romana of Alcocebre

The 500-metre long Playa Romana beach is awarded with the blue flag for its quality. It is located south of the beach el Cargador and is the second largest beach in Alcoceber, after the beach el Cargador. Of the beaches of Alcossebre is the closest to the Hotel, about 180 meters from the Aparthotel Alcossebre Sea Experience. It is a wide beach with excellent sand. It has very good services among which we can highlight: first aid, showers and footbaths, children’s games and sports, walkways, toilets, wastebaskets.    

Beach del Moro Alcossebre-Alcocebre-Alcoceber

Beach del Moro of Alcossebre

One of the most welcoming beaches of Alcossebre is Playa del Moro because of its small size. Going south, we find among the rocks the small Moro beach. This 110-metre stretch of coastline is awarded with the Blue Flag and is one of the municipality’s small beaches. It has lifeguard services, showers and footbaths, walkways to the shore, toilets and litterbins.

They have a special charm for having in front of it the Roca del Moro, a small island in front of the beach. Also noteworthy are the sea lilies that grow on the sides of this beach

Three Beaches Alcossebre Alcocebre Alcoceber

Three Beaches of Alcoceber

These are three small coves of fine sand and pebbles nestled among rocks, equipped with showers, footbaths and wastebaskets. These beaches are located in front of the Jaime I camp and the llanera area. This is a quiet area ideal for relaxing and enjoying the beach in a more intimate way.

Manyetes Beach or Tropicana Beach Alcoceber Alcossebre Alcoceber

Playa Manyetes or Playa Tropicana of Alcocebre

With 400 meters of fine sand beach and about 35 meters wide, located in the southern area of Alcocebre called Cap I Corb and awarded with blue flag. This coastal strip has lifeguard services, toilets, showers and footbaths, walkways, litterbins, and rental of skates, shades and hammocks. The coast of Cap i Corb is environmentally protected and has remained a haven of nature where you can breathe peace. In Cap i Corb you can still find many native garden products such as the Tomata de Penjar.  

Serradal Beach Alcossebre Alcocebre Alcoceber

Serradal Beach of Alcosebre

It is the beach that conserves its wild aspect, in a great part it is formed by pebbles and equipped with wastebaskets. On its southern side, it borders the mouth of the San Miguel River. This riverbed forms a small delta with a great life of birds and fish being a protected enclave that maintains all its authenticity. In addition, the beach on this coast is accessible to pets.

Consult the Alcosserbe beach map.

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